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Why to choose a Plant Rental and Maintenance Contract ?

The Plant Rental Contract with Maintenance "GUARANTEE".

GESTI-VERT offers a plant rental and maintenance service for companies with a "guarantee" for the complete duration of the contract. A plant is not doing well? We replace it and do everything to save it.

Our landscapers will advise you on the best plants suited to your environment.


  • Plantes vertes tropicales sous contrat d'entretien  
  • Services et Contrat d'entretien de plantes de bureaux 
  • Contrat d'entretien de plantes en îlot  

But what are the reasons for an office plant to die?

  • A plant in front of an entrance, a reception, exposed to WIND and COLD  
  • An AIR CONDITIONER blowing heat or cold directly into the plant 
  • Too much or not enought LIGHT  
  • DISEASES : scale insects, worms, parasites  
  • A WATERING by the cleaning staff or a collaborator who thinks he or she is doing the right thing. 
  • A LACK OF WATER or fertilizer. 
  • Moving the plant. (heckled, jostled, the plant likes to stay in its place).  
  • A closed Executive Office or Meeting Room 
  • Sprinkle with coffee or coffee grounds. We can assure you that the plants do not like it at all 

That's why a plant rental contract always includes a GUARANTEE !


  • Contrat de location entretien plantes alosia geant  
  • Contrat de location plantes dans un bac en bois avec pieds 
  • Contrat d'entretien et location de plantes colorées 
  • Contrat de location et entretien de cactus en îlot 
  • Forêt de plantes disposées sous contrat de location et entretien  
  • Contrat d'entretien et de location de plantes Ficus Lyrata  

Which Plant Rental and Maintenance Contract should you choose for your offices?

You can opt for a classic plant rental contract for 2 years, but you can also decide to reduce the cost of the rental by choosing a longer term plant rental contract.
If you want to, you can buy the plants from our catalog, and subscribe only to a plant maintenance contract. The guarantee will always be included in your contract..


Indoor plants rental, for what and for who ?

QLW or Quality of Life at Work has all its importance and plants contribute a lot to it.


Indoor plants :

  • Release humidity into the air
  • Absorbs noise
  • Break down harmful substances in the air

Plants make employees feel their workspace is more pleasant. Plants also provide a visible decrease in stress and typical "office sickness" symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.

Good air quality in the workplace is a necessity for the good performance of all staff. In many workspaces, the air is too dry and also too charged with harmful substances that cause health problems.

Who hasn't already felt his throat dry or headaches, dizziness, fatigue, skin irritation, at work ?

Our depolluting plants can strongly contribute to reduce these disorders at the office.

 Contrat de location entretien de plantes zen et qvt 

  Le bien être au travail où la qvt avec les plantes de bureau 

Studies show that employees working more than 4 hours a day in front of a computer screen feel better and more productive when green plants have been placed near their screen.

Although smoking is prohibited in public areas, other substances pollute the atmosphere such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, solvents, ozone and toner dust from printers.

All those toxic substances come from office equipment and building materials. The consequences over the workers health are not negligible.
Even if office is equipped with recent air conditioning, more than 25% of employees are dissatisfied with the room climate. That’s why indoor plants renta is important.

Take a look at this NASA study to understand the importance of office plants in our interiors:

Formidable dossier d’étude scientifique de 22 pages sur les plantes rédigé par les ingénieurs de la NASA.

Several studies highlight the essential role played by the indoor plants that surround us, and the benefits it provide.


Quality of Life at Work or QLW: Putting Green in Your Offices

According to a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: green plants could increase work productivity by 15% and improve the quality of work life for employees..


To arrive at these conclusions, the scientists spent more than two months observing employees in two similar offices, one with indoor plants and the other without plants. Then they used a questionnaire to determine their perception of air quality, their concentration and their satisfaction with their actual office. As a result, employees were more satisfied in their workplace and reported increased levels of concentration and better air quality in the office with plants.

For the lead author of this study, Marlon Nieuwenhuis, from Cardiff University's School of Psychology, "this study directly challenges the commonly accepted work philosophy that a sober workplace with a sober office is more productive". So don't hesitate, put some greenery next to your screens.

Source : Huffington Post

  • Plantes vertes tropicales sous contrat d'entretien  
  • Qualité de vie au travail ou QVT 
  • Plantes vertes tropicales sous contrat d'entretien